MungzMedia | 2016 Year in Review

2016 turned out to be a great year for the UK music scene with loads of releases, videos and shows keeping us entertained throughout the year. Here at MungzMedia, we've decided to round up our highlights of the year so apologies if we do miss out some of your highlights!


When we look back on 2016, it will be safe to say that it was the year of the projects. And not any old projects, but well thought out, timeless music that reminds us what it means to be British. Our album of the year goes to Made in The Manor by Kano for its originality and maturity of lyrics and content that you usually won't find in Grime. Skepta's Konnichiwa broke barriers throughout the world with its unapologetic-ness. A special mention goes to NAO, who released her debut studio album 'For All We Know' winning herself, deservedly, BBC Sound of 2016. Other notable mentions include Giggs - Landlord album which sent the night scene rocking with anthems like 'Whipping Excursion'. 


2016 produced some pretty stunning visuals, so it was hard to pick a few to highlight but the first mention has to be the video for Mist - Ain't the same.  - As music videos go, this is probably the epitome of flashy video. The UK isn't known for its flashy, yacht having, jet flying videos but Birmingham artist, Mist came through with other ideas with this release via LinkUpTV. Another great video to hit our screens in 2016 has to be Skepta's visuals for Man. Unapologetically himself again, Skepta crawled the streets of Tottenham with his associates, spraying walls, police cars, you name it, in what could be called a visual revolution of our music. In a time of unrest and confusing, the video for Man was a breath of fresh air for the next generation. Our final pick for best video for 2016 goes to Elf Kid - Reload That. Released in late December through ASOS Supports Talent, Elf Kid's - Reload that sees him travel to Ethiopia to shoot one of the most iconic Grime videos to date. Filled with scenes of Hyena's roaming, vast african plain lands and playing drums with village elders. Everything right, is in this video and it gives you the sense of "wow, is this grime?" Which we need more of in 2017. In terms of originality, creativity and execution. Look no further than Elf Kid's - Reload That.


2016 is probably the year of recognition in terms of UK Grime. With so many great albums coming out of the scene. It was interesting to see where the awards would go. Surprisingly but not unexpected, Skepta took home the Mercury Music Award for Konnichiwa and his contribution to music throughout 2016. It's hard to argue against the impact Skepta had in 2016, connecting Grime to the world but Kano would of also been a deserved winner of the prize Dizzee Rascal first brought back to the estate in 2003. Kano did however, take home Best Album at the MOBO's which was well deserved and a special mention goes to Craig David. Craig David made his long awaited comeback and it wasn't one to disappoint. Whether it was collaborating with people's champ, Big Narstie, or tearing up the raves in Ibiza, Craig David had a busy 2016. Collecting a MOBO for Male Act of the year, Craig David cemented his comeback with a piece of recognition to go with it. Here's to more prestigious awards from the underground to the mainstream. 


2016 came with a bang and boy did that bang stay! It was a great year for live events this year with a host of iconic and monumental shows taking place in 2016 throughout the world. Here's our picks of events of 2016. Dizzee Rascal returned in Summer 2016 with Boy In Da Corner LIVE! Only problem was, it was in New York! Cue, Autumn and Dizzee Rascal alongside Red Bull announce that BIDC, will be performed in its entirety in Stratford, East London. Cue Pandemonium. Dizzee Rascal performed his legendary Boy In Da Corner for the first and probably last time ever in London during 2016, selling out a packed Copperbox Arena. Filled with Nostalgia and a sense of relief, this show turned out to the the highlight event of 2016 for us. What more do you want as a Grime fan? Dizzee Rascal, Boy in Da Corner, East London, all rolled into one night? Sounds perfect to me. The other notable mention for amazing event in 2016 goes to Skepta's Konnichiwa at Alexander Palace. Skepta headlined his album tour in London performing to a sold out crowd in his home town of North London. The night featured Red buses, pyrotechnics, Nike tracksuits and became a celebration of what it means to be from Inner city London in 2016. If you missed out on these 2 great shows you can always relive them online but what is for certain, we will look back at these 2 shows as some of the most iconic in the UK.