NME Lifehacks 2016 Review

NME life hacks is a careers event designed by NME and Create Jobs to give a chance to network with industry professionals, interact with guest speakers, panel discussions and get hands on with workshops.

NME Life hacks kicked off with SBTV Founder Jamal Edwards detailing his rise to success, involving the infamous story of receiving his first camera on Christmas which he then went on to start filming his family, friends and eventually musicans. 

Jamal spoke on the inspiration behind his success detailing struggling to deal with the financial pressure at the beginning of his journey. " I had to make do with what I had, When I first started, I learnt off YouTube tutorials, spending hours researching how to edit and render and export files."

The conversation leads on to finances and how managing your tax, is really important with Jamal explaining “Your finance is very important, get them in line and even if your business is not big, you can always see where you can make cuts”. After a few questions from the audience, the panel moved on to ‘Building Brand YOU’ with Hannah Beesley – Social director at Iris Worldwide, Fashion Creative director, Alex Stedman and Microsoft CMO, Paul Davies. ‘Building Brand YOU’ was focused around the skills needed to maximise your brands online presence, engagement and ultimately sales of products.

Alex Steedman explained how “Just being good on Instagram isn’t the end, you need to understand the business side as well” which resonated well with the audience whom many had personal brands but were aiming to become a sustainable business. Paul Davies touched on “Getting started is the hardest thing to do. Understand what you want to be known for.” Which was a great point on identity and sticking to your guns. 

Many brands, artists and creatives alike are willing to compromise their art or craft for the security of a job but knowing what you stand for and understanding your brand from the beginning will mimise the chances of this. It really hit home the need to have an identity and for your audience to know that you won’t change because you can’t but because you don’t want to!

The evening moved on to an interesting panel with TopMan Creative Director, Gordon Richardson, who spoke on the importance of work experience and internships in the creative industries. 

Employment in the creative industries is at an all-time low however, there are steps in place such as work experience, internships or placements which offer you the hands on experience that employers all crave. Gordon explained “You can learn the industry very quickly, there’s loads of people to help you and there is more space to mistakes and learn from them, rather than in a job you will be under pressure straight away.” Pretty true isn’t it?

NME Life hacks closed with a panel discussion featuring Artist manager Dumi Oburota, Brand manager, Phil Kemish, Fashion Designer Holly Fulton and Comedian Heydon Prowse focusing on ‘ What I wish I’d known in my twenties’.

To end the night, NME introduced surprise guest Tinie Tempah to perform to celebrate what was a truly inspiring creative careers event! NME Lifehacks was a great opportunity to gain advice, network and ultimately learn skills and techniques to get your foot in the door from professionals in the Industry. 

Roll on Next year!