Dave East : Kairi Chanel Mixtape Review

David Brewster Jnr, known to the Hip Hop world as Dave East is a rapper from East Harlem, New York. East is highly regarded as one of the current top rappers in Hip Hop. His style of rapping and his lyrical ability is what sets him apart from today’s popular rappers, those who are part of the new wave sounding change of Hip Hop. Unlike the current pool of rapper East remains one of a few that spit about real life in a graphical and raw form using his clever word play and his intelligence to tell a story that is biographical to his life journey.

The rapper is signed to legendary New York lyrical phenomenon Nas’s record label Mass Appeal Records. In various interviews, East has spoken about drawing influences from rappers such as Cam’ron, Raekwa, Jadakiss, Diplomats to name a few. Nas also happens to be one of his rap Idols.  All the above named rappers hold legendary statuses within the genre, and are highly respected lyricists. Those legendary rappers have co-signed East as a rapper, solidifying his status in the game! 2014 was the year Dave East caught everyone’s attention with the release of his Black Rose Mixtape. The industry took notice of the young lyricist!

Fast forward to his latest release, an album titled Kairi Chanel. East decided to name his album after his daughter Kairi Chanel. If you listen carefully, you can hear him referencing her before and after her birth.  

Kairi Chanel features female vocals from Jazzy Amra and Sevyn Streeter. Dave East does not disappoint with his features, with collaborations from legends and respected rappers such as 2 Chains, Fabulous, Cam’ron and Beanie Sigel!

S.D.E features Cam’ron, one of his Hip Hop influencers. The language used in this song is very explicit, some might even take offense to it but its Raw and Real! Both Cam’ron and East talk the street lifestyle and the rich life. The song sounds very much like The Diplomats Anthem, with sound effects, a very harsh solid beat, you can feel the emotions in both their voices!

Keisha is a very interesting song, one that many rappers or rich men often speak about. The song relates to a girl named Keisha, whom East had a few encounters with that did not end very well. A very attractive ‘Video Vixen looking’ type girl from Jamaica queen. A well-known fraudster, who would occasionally meet up with men for pleasure, and once they would fall asleep, she would proceed to rob them of all their money and jewelry. Keisha managed to rob East on two occasions, both when he was asleep, waking up to $15000 cash gone and all his jewellery too! East refers to her as a Scheming B****! In the bridge of the song he repeats ‘I can’t believe that this bitch robbed me, if I catch her I ain’t trying to hear I’m sorry’.

The album is heavily Hip Hop influenced, his lyrics are very graphic when describing situations and speaking about his past lifestyle. His language is very raw as East does not hold back on any profanities, no subjects are off topic! Dave East is a blend of thought-provoking, wit and self confidence reminiscent of the golden era of Hip-Hop.

This album is definitely targeted to real Hip Hop fans, but it does feature a song titled From The Heart which features the amazing vocals of R&B singer Sevyn Streeter, one for the ladies to jam too!