Dave Chappelle : Possibly the G.O.A.T stand up comedian

" I'd like to give a shout-out to ray ray and big steve" 


Cue pandemonium and busting guts. Dave Chappelle arrived in London in July for a sold out comeback tour, the comedian, best known for his work on "The Chappelle Show", Blue Streak, Nutty Proffessor, Half Baked and more.

The stage at the Apollo was set, the hype arrived, the crowd anticipating one of, if not, THE, funniest stand up comedian of all time. It depends who you ask, those older are more likely to name Richard Pryor or Paul Mooney or Eddie Murphy as the GOAT but to me, there is no denying that Dave Chappelle took comedy to new heights in the 2000s, the man is a living genius.

So, on came Donnell Rawlings, Dave's "hype-man" as described by The Guardian, but he is far from that. Donnell Rawlings is a hilarious stand up comedian in his own rights. He jestered the crowd with racial jokes about indians, africans, white people, jamaicans, basically anyone he could lay his eyes on and it went down a treat.

The jokes were direct, unforgiving and most importantly FUNNY. It's sometimes baffling, how people who pay for a comedy show, except to not hear, hard hitting, near on racist comedy!! One thing is for sure, it wasn't a show for the faint hearted or the easily offended. It was a night for the true lovers of comedy. 


Im Riiiiiccchhh Bitttchhh


Then on came Dave, to a standing ovation of cheers, woops, and claps. It didn't take Dave Chappelle long to settle and get into the flow of things, with Bill Cosby being the first topic on his mind. He joked about the piles of accusations directed to Bill Cosby and how long it would be before it wasn't just " they are trying to ruin his image " but he is actually what they say he is. Hilarious.

Dave continued to touch on topics such as Obama calling him before his run for election for help ( staying out of the limelight ) and being surprised that the senator knew who he was. He continued onto more current affairs including 'ISIS' labelling them the new terrorist group " blowing up the charts " after Al Qaeda, who hadn't had a hit since 9/11. " Hilarious.

As the show went on, Chappelle, continued to dominate, the crowd were in awe of his story-telling and he himself couldn't help but laugh at a few, but do you blame him?

On went the show and along came the transvestite jokes, homosexual jokes, it was a free for all. relationship jokes, masturbation scenarios, his children getting into fights and a case of a bitten sandwich all in which were well thought out, amazingly explained and left us wanting, no, needing, more!


" How comes, AIDs hates everyone old white people hate, Black people and homosexuals "


Unfortunately, I wasn't born early enough to witness, Richard Pryor in his prime, or Eddie Murphy at RAW but I'm sure Dave Chappelle is the closest this generation will ever come to those heights and heck, even beat those heights because if there is one thing Dave Chappelle has been good at during his career, it's his image in front of fans.

He has a cult following. He is a guy who after having the #1 show in the world, rejected X amount of millions to continue because he felt he was compromising himself just for a pay cheque. This is a man who gave the world The Chappelle Show, possibly the greatest sketch show ever. What a man.

It's one thing being a comedian, who bases his comedy on loud punchlines, accent jokes or slapstick but it is another thing being a comedian who can just stand and talk to the crowd about anything, literally anything and make it tear jerkingly funny, make you want to rewind real life and hear it one more time. That is the sign of a genius, a cultured pro, a legend, someone who you can and will watch over and over and over and over and over again.

That is Dave Chappelle.