Interview : Kosha Dillz

Kosha Dillz is a lyricist with a twist, having being named as one of the top 10 L.A rappers by LA weekly in 2015 and performing at shows including SXSW and currently touring in Poland, Kosha stopped off for an interview with MungzMedia.

Kosha, what inspired you at a young age to become a musician?

I think it was just wanting to fit in with my local friends. I saw the attention that someone was getting and that really wanted me to express myself. I also like the competitiveness. I also liked the trumpet and the feeling of playing in a band when I was younger than that.

Your Jewish faith is a feature in your music, Do you feel like there is stigma against Jewish rappers or rappers who show faith?

I think there is a stigma against Jews in general in the music business because of the "business side." Hip Hop is specifically an emotional side of people who don't have much and are pointing fingers (in a good way to express themselves.) when this transcends boundaries and messages to lots of people, people develop the stigma.

You grew up in the golden era of Rap, and have a background in battle rap, How has that affected your career as an artist?

I grew up competing and battling in general. I think it help me develop my own sound. Now adays, lots of the music sounds the same. People don't know the difference between who is who , since it all sounds the same. 

You come across as a artist who values his lyrics, Do you agree that hip hop has lost it's 'lyricism' factor? would you agree with this? If so, why do you feel that is?

Sure it has. It almost is more genius to sound dumb than it is to sound smart.  I just was emailing with someone who complained about one my lyrics in a song I completely freestyled. The guy I made the song with had 3 grammy nominations with Sia. You catching on yet?  There are methods to madness. That does not replace the need for intelligent lyrics. I recently created one of my best songs in Poland. Excited to show that to hip hop heads on my new album.

Are you familiar with any rappers or MCs from the UK? If so, do you see yourself ever collaborating with rappers from London? 

Yes I love hip hop from London. I believe there is so much talent from the New School to old school sounds.  I am a big fan of the deejays too. I currently jam Little Simz and even tried to book her for my SXSW showcase (didn't happen) and met her online in Texas and was really excited. I dig the obvious Roots Manuva and playing a festival with Matisyahu where he is also playing. I also listened to some Lady Lesshur recently and also know the singers of UK are amazing. I once had a gig in Manchester where Rita Ora was playing across the Street when her album dropped in 2012. My favorite act I met in US from UK/ Scotland was Young Fathers. "Get Up" is a top song of mine.  And of course, I am a big fan of Danny Seth. He has really balanced the wordplay of new and old school with cutting edge visuals and beats.

UK rap and Grime is still in its infancy in terms of recognition worldwide, what advice would you have for rappers over here in the UK? 

I think that you shouldn't be afraid to find your own projects with your own money. I think if you see an opportunity and you can travel to America or somewhere else, you should do it. I hope everyone can say it is OK to go for it. Money stops a lot of people from pursuing the journey I pursue journey and let the money get figured out later.

As your career continues to grow and you get even more fans, Where would you like to see Kosha Dillz in the next two years?

I would like to see myself with a billboard charting record and helping as many people as I can. I hope to expand far into Europe with writing and create experiences for everyone that are special. Ideally, I will be remembered as an artist who gave more than he got, and people will remember the way I made them feel. If I can have a hit song that does that in 2 years, I should also write about 200 more songs :) But yeah, I want to help as many people as I can.

If you had to pick three words to describe your musical style, what would they be and why?

Different, Authentic,  Cultural. 

Different in being that you haven't heard the sound before but it sounds familiar, but it is "different." - Authentic because you can tell it is real. - Cultural because you will most likely leave saying, I think "this guy is jewish or something." You hear languages and sounds that most people don't use.

Kosha Dillz has a new album coming July 15th.  Pre-order it here and help him on his quest to have a charting album. It features production from YUC Beats, Curtiss King, Ski Beatz, Jesse Shatkin, and Nate Greenberg. It features guest vocals from Matisyahu, Ida Hawk, Mickey Shiloh, Nina Dioz, Flex Mathews and Flynt Flossy of Turquoise Jeep. 

Download his last album Awkward in a good way via Itunes - Or Visit to keep up to date with music and tours.