MungzMedia - Oops, Tidal boosts Spotify downloads

Music streaming service Tidal, bought recently by Jay-Z is said to be already flopping in the numbers game.

Tidal, a service which is endorsed by artists such as Madonna, Rihanna and Kanye has crashed out of the top 700 downloaded app charts, Ouch.

Tidal climed to the top 20 after the re-launch but has since seen itself plummet off the face of the app world.

It gets worse. Rival Spotify seem to be benefitting from the re-release of Tidal as downloads have since soared and placed Spotify 4th most downloaded apps in the US.

It seems Tidal did not do enough research into the streaming world and underestimated the power of Spotify but more importantly, they over-estimated the power of celebrity endorsement.

The service which aims to put more money in artists pockets saw a backlash online with fans claiming it is a selfish ploy by some of musics biggest artists to fill their pockets even more.

Tidal will have a long road ahead if they are to win over subscribers and news like this won't help but it goes to show, Spotify will be harder to defeat then they first thought.

What are your thoughts on Tidal flopping?