MungzMedia - Using Twitter to grow your brand : 5 tips



Here's the thing. Twitter is essential for digital marketers in 2015, the audience is growing, the content is changing but one thing I come across a lot is that people can't find time to tweet, or they can't afford a social media manager  but 1 thing is for sure : Twitter WILL grow your brand. 

Here's 5 steps to maximise your brand potential online :  



One thing that always surprises me is the lack of twitter knowledge amongst start up brands and young entrepreneurs. " Twitter takes too much time ". Find time. Twitter is a gateway to consumers, fans, networks and partners. Familiarise yourself with it and your audience will grow. 



Who is the leader in your industry? And do they have twitter? If so, follow them. If you're a musician, follow top A&Rs. If you're a e-commerce business, follow the CEO of your competition. This is perfect for connecting and will allow to see what the leaders of your industry are interested in & how to target them.



Another great way of maximising Twitter for your brand is to follow who the industry leaders are following. The wider network of your industry can be the springboard for your brand. Connect with them, follow them, show them your work. It won't hurt. 


4.   TWEET! 

This seems simple enough but you will be amazed the amount of brands & businesses with a twitter profile but haven't tweeted in 6 months. That's not how you'll grow your brand. Engage with followers with relevant & interesting content. Tweet regularly and most important of all show some personality online!



Don't underestimate the power of hashtags. Instagram might of chewed it up & spat it out but its still just as relevant on Twitter. Use hashtags to reach more people on twitter, the more industry specific hashtags, the more likely your brand will grow. 

Simply being active on Twitter will get you noticed. So maximise your potential.