MungzMedia - TV viewing is declining. Good or bad thing?

A new report release has revealed that the traditional television viewing is declining and FAST.

The worlds love affair with  television seems to be coming to an end as consumers turn to new digital means to consume video content. Consultancy firm Accenture revealed results of research performed on 24,000 viewers in 24 different countries.

The finding revealed that the consumption of video through digital means is forcing traditional TV viewing down the pecking order. Television viewing saw a 13% decline worlwide over the past year among 13 - 17 years old.

Accenture's global broadcast industry head, Gavin Mann stated that improved streaming and longer battery life has contributed to the decline of TV viewing. 

He explained, " The second screen viewing experience is where the content creator, broadcasters and programmers will succeed or fail ".

The increase of digital viewing is nothing new, however for content creators it shows that audiences are increasing online therefore impressions and revenue will only improve, so this announcement can only be good news for the content creator on Youtube.

Are you a content creator? suggestion : Upload more content! the digital world is watching.