MungzMedia - Why 'Elevate' - LinkedIN's own 'Hootsuite' will boost marketing


Marketing giants LinkedIN have dipped into a business area : Social media management, with the introduction of Elevate.

'Elevate' will be a paid mobile & desktop app that suggests articles to its users and allows you to schedule and share those links across Twitter and LinkedIN.

Similar to Hootsuite in the sense you can scheudule and share social meia content across different networks, Elevate will be to connect more professionals together in more ways than Hootsuite.

Firstly it will allow for marketing pro's to keep their social media running, whilst receiving story suggestions to stay active on the latest an breaking news in Marketing and business.  Most importantly though, it will give users the ability to track analytics and also track targeted content.

The social media world seems to be growing into one of the most competitive fields with this announcement and the introduction of Elevate, one thing is for sure,  it is a great time to be a part of digital marketing but also exposure and advertising has gained another wheel