Greentea Peng returns with 'Loving Kind'


Singer/Songwriter GreenTea Peng has returned with a new single titled 'Loving Kind' to further stamp her arrival into the scene. Following her debut music video and single 'Moondchild', Loving Kind is another psychedelic recap of the goings on inside Greentea's mental mantra. The London based singer caresses the Earbuds produced instrumental which is a hypnotic waterfall of electronic RnB. Loving Kind's lyrics focus on the highs and lows of Love as Greentea becomes at one with her emotions

Check out Loving Kind Below



 journey through the mind of GreenTea, the visuals envoke a sense of imagination as you are directed through the streets of London.

Produced by Earbuds, and directed by Luke Strauss, the track is a introduction to what is a catalyst year for South London based GreenTea Peng 

Check out the music video below :