A night of passionate performance, with Fred Fredas (Review)


On June 7th , Fred Fredas presented a night of passion and performance at The Roundhouse for his P.A.U headline show.

I had the pleasure of experiencing three excellent artists perform in their element. The night contained support from Keys The Prince, Dee Ajayi followed by Fred Fredas. All great artists with exceptional styles and lyrics, who effortlessly managed to keep the audience engaged and entertained. The show was hosted by the lovely Anna-Marie Dee, and with her upbeat and bubbly personality, she set a good tone to the show early on. 

First up was Keys The Prince. Dressed in all black, filled with the energy to pull in any crowd. He was joined by the talented Dayasoul, who I think vibed fantastically with him on stage. I got the sense that he was very comfortable, almost as if he knew that he belonged there. His flare and liveliness as a performer shon and should be praised as we had no other choice but to be pulled into his world. Exactly how I feel a live performance should go. Great start.


Next up was Dee Ajayi, who will forever be known to me as a sultry soulful Queen. From the moment she stepped on stage, you couldn’t help but focus on her. Not only because she wore a sparkly pink dress, but her aura and voice was just captivating. She had a playful element to her show, which charmed the crowd. Her transparency and honesty on stage, birthed an intimate performance, which I'm sure none of us will forget.

Then for the main man, Fred Fredas. Who I'm guessing was high off the buzz of the other artists, because he came on stage on a power trip. His amazing band and vocalists really fuelled the energy behind his set, and you can tell there was an immense effort behind it. But Fred has a unique spin on Performing. I describe it almost like a theatre production because the set, the mood, the lighting, all contributed to Fred's performance. Performing his hits ‘Addictions’ and ‘Don't You Worry’ as well as treating the crowd to unreleased songs from his upcoming EP.

He was joined on stage by J2ND and Nia Ekanem, both artists who brought a cool dynamic to the set. The synergy was great on both songs and complimented Fred’s intensity as an artist.

Fred has a conversational aspect to his performing style, like he was telling us a story and taking us on a journey of the many ones in his mind. There was a great deal of heart behind this performance and everyone who was there will tell you so.

I will use the word passionate to describe all the artists that night, as I believe that was a running theme throughout all performances. From slow and melodic with Dee, to upbeat and energetic with Fred. There was no mistake, that as an audience we felt that each artist really loved what they were doing. It came through their body language, how they performed and most importantly how they interacted with the crowd. It was a memorable show, and I look forward to what’s next from all artists.

Words by Hannah Olarewaju

Check out Fred Fredas EP P.A.U below