Boadi connects with 'AwoMaa' visuals

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Rising UK soul singer Boadi has released visuals for single 'AwoMaa' taken off his name-sake EP, AwoMaa. The single is a astute blend of Jazz and Neo-Soul with heavy African influences. Boadi chooses nostalgic visuals to accompany the nostalgic feel of the track.

We step into memory lane with Baodi as he vocalises the raw emotions of the love between a boy and his mother. Watch the video below : 

Dubz D delivers More Time x Slade Tower visuals

The man from the manor, Dubz D has made an anticipated return with a new 2 in 1 visuals for 'More Time x Slade Tower'. Directed by Lix, the video enthralls and confirms why the artist is a force to be reckoned with smooth visuals to compliment smooth flows.

Check out the video below

Dubz D | More Time x Slade Tower

Dubz D returns with some flawless bars & flows, accompanied by a 2 in 1 visual More Time x Slade Tower [Prod By Ghost] audio available to stream via: Socials: #TheManFromTheManor

Chloe Bodur connects with single ‘Glory’

London based Singer, Chloe Bodur connects with her new single ‘Glory’. Fusing elements of neo-soul, jazz and pop, Bodur has been gracing audiences with her distinctive style. Embodying emotional rawness and unapologetic lyricism, Bodur delivers an authentic sound of reflection and contemplation.

Produced by J.D Ried, “Glory” thematically focuses on vulnerability and the underlying sense of loneliness. Bodur reveals, “It was originally written as a poem about youth trying to find love in themselves and in others and how one correlates with the other”. As a self-confessed romantic, Bodur conveys her heartfelt introspection through sultry harmonies, which ride atop a hybrid of ambient neo-soul, smooth jazz arrangements and soulful melodies.

Check out the track below   

slowthai releases I WISH I KNEW EP

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Northampton rapper Slowthai has released his anticipated I WISH I KNEW EP. Wholly produced by Kwes Darko, I WISH I KNEW is raw, punchy and epitomises the rock-star spirit of Slowthai and a breath of fresh air to the rap scene.

The EP takes you from the straight punk rock with 'IDGAF'  taking you on a roller coaster of gritty and calm emotions with singles like 'Kenny' demonstrating the lyrical prowess of the young Northampton rapper. Joined by Dutch based artist Yung Nnegl on DUMB, I WISH I KNEW delivers with energy, energy and even more energy. 

Stream the EP below : 


Watch the video for 'Round and Round' below

An evening with Estée Blu : #EsteeSoul at Thingy Studios

Singer/Songwriter Estée Blu premiered her debut single at an intimate gathering at Thingy Studios in Hackney Wick. Hosted by Moyesa & Co, and with support from Arieleno. An evening with Estée Blu proved to be a raw insight into the woman behind the music.

Check out #EsteeSoul in pictures, below and Buy/Stream 'All' from November 3rd.

Melvillous releases latest project 'Local EP'


London based artist, Melvillous has dropped his latest project Local EP. The project which is produced wholly by East London's Komenz, Local EP is a showcase of Melvillous, roots with songs like 'Pray and Pattern' showcasing lyrical prowess with a subtle message for the spiritual listeners but its the track, 'Trap or Lie' which hits the nail on the head. The production and lyrics packing a heavy punch for the people from the manor. 

Listen to Local EP below : 

Fred Fredas releases visuals for 'Ain't Fooling Me'

Fred Fredas has dropped his awaited music video for ‘Ain’t Fooling Me’, taken offthe sophomore EP ‘P.A.U’ (Politics As Usual),. The 22 year old Artist/Songwriter/Musician released his latest EP on January 27th 2017 which showed his versatility and poetic tone as an artist.

fred .png

Written from a female’s perspective towards the scenario of being emotionally and mentally broken by a male. ‘Ain’t Fooling Me’ follows the spectrum of emotions within a destructive relationship, and displays the internal battle between the females past and present self. This tale of heartbreak effortlessly evolves within a short duration 3 minutes and 39 seconds. The Ain’t Fooling Me’ music video – directed by Yasmin Afifi, is a dramatically vivid display of the females internal battle between her past and present self.

Fredas explains, “To summarise this video… when situations happen to us, we are constantly battling within ourselves, it feels as though we are trapped and the question we ask ourselves is…Will we allow the demon within us to prevail, or the love within us to prevail?”

By casting twins to play the females two different sides, ‘Kindness’ and ‘Hate’, it is a clear demonstration of the scenario that unfolds throughout Fredas’ story-like, lyrical flow. In the video we see ‘Kindness’ try to consul ‘Hate’ – however this proves unsuccessful and the two sides battle; until fate forces them to become one. 

Check out the music video for 'Ain't Fooling Me' below 

Notting Hill Carnival 2017 in Pictures

Notting Hill Carnival has always been a paradise and this year was no different. Yes, it's a problem to go to the toilet; and yes, every shop will charge above price for every alcoholic drink – but so what? This is a rare and special celebration of culture, music, food and life which also sometimes includes some vomit. Look on below to see how this year's festivities went down:


Monster Florence x Foreign Beggars release EP '48'


Monster Florence and Foreign Beggars have released their joint EP titled 48. The self titled EP, was created in 48 hours with an idea turning into an 11 track project. Calling on a host of talented musicians, including Pepstar, Earbuds, Marcello Spooks, New Machine, Rinse The Nerd, Chisora Ahor, Sumgii, Bekile Music, they all hooked up together with a plan to generate a creative storm.

48 bounces from hip-hop to experimental to electronic with a dash of Soul as Artists with tracks ranging from the lyrical 'Scumbag', the humble Black Fairytale to a mixture of eclectic music like Bleeding Time, One More Day and Baobab. 48 demonstrates what can happen in a room full of musicians in 48 hours and also why it should happen more

Monster Florence and Foreign Beggars will be launching the EP with a co-headline extravaganza at The Jazz Cafe, London as they plan to bring the whole project to life. 

Stream The EP 48 below 

New Currency set Alibi London with Lue:B, Shaybiz, DJ Jampak and Ralph Hardy

Toronto collective New Currency arrived in London with a plethora of great ideas and vibes as they held their first event in London at The Alibi London.

New Currency + Friends featured a stellar line up of DJs with DJ Shaybiz, setting pace early with a mix of UK trap and Rap which was followed by Grime connoisseur DJ Jampak creating the mood in Dalston. As the night continued, Lue:B and Ralph Hardy made sure the night was one to remember for those in London and for those who travelled from Toronto to sample the so similar London culture.

Check out pictures below from New Currency + Friends

Keedz drops 'Let me introduce myself' EP

Artist Keedz has dropped her debut EP 'Let me introduce myslef'. The grime artist who has been making noises for the past year introduces herself with a plethora of grime bangers on her EP. The lead single 'Grimeonology' was released last month via Soundcloud and was just a taste of what was to come from the young artist. 

Following her involvement in CapitalXtra's Music Potential and Levi's x Skepta's Project, Keedz has sounded out her position in the scene with a number of appearances on Pyro Radio, Radar Radio and performing at KOKO for the second time in a year.

Check out Keedz' debut release below