The Record Shop : For the Artist, by the Artist

The Record shop is a free pop-up recording studio and artist development programme, which offers free recording sessions and music workshops.

The RecordShop, founded by Mary Otumahana, is a fresh breath of fresh air for the blossoming youth of London. The RecordShop is a free pop-up recording studio and artist development programme offering recording sessions, mixing services as well as DJ, Songwriting and Beat-boxing workshops. 

First based on a personal goal to have a recording studio, the dream soon became greater than just the Prodigies Of Nature - Mary explains, "we felt we could help other young artists with our work, so we created The RecordShop for young artists to enhance their self-confidence, develop their talent and take the next step in their career." 

The ultimate goal of The RecordShop is to encourage self belief in young musicians and build and further enhance creative, entrepreneurial and performance skills. The RecordBreakers ( musicians enlisted on the programmed) will have a chance to showcase their work and development at the end of programme showcase, The RecordShow.

Mary, a Roundhouse resident artist herself, has been writing songs since she was 13 and started producing during her early teens. She explains how her own musical journey brought her to The RecordShop, " From my own experience, performing more regularly and building my own reputation as an artist, I have learnt about artist development and this has helped to shape the different stages of The RecordShop." 

The RecordShop will have programmes running throughout the country and aims to provide employment opportunities, become an established business, as well as record label in the near future.

Sign up for the The RecordShop via - Stay connected on Twitter and Facebook or contact Mary Otumahan directly on Twitter 

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