Fred Fredas drops debut EP : Am I Allowed to Dream

London based artist Fred Fredas has dropped his debut EP : Am I Allowed to Dream. The EP is a story told through the eyes of Fred as he vocalises the trials and tribulations of young adult life.

Fred Fredas is a 21 year old Artist, songwriter and producer from South East London. Fred Fredas blends elements of soulful instrumentals aligned with a blend of hard hitting vocals which infuses you in a gritty journey of love, anger and Joy.

Am I Allowed To Dream is a collection of real life stories told through the eyes of Fred. The stories touch on issues affecting many and close to Fred including fatherhood, heartbreak and family issues. Fred explains to us '' I really want people to resonate with it. Through Am I Allowed to Dream, I want people to get an insight into my world and my outlook on how I see everything around me. ''

Fred Fredas' musical influences include Stevie Wonder, Nas, Jay-Z and The Roots. It is not hard to detect American and British influences in Fred's melodic sounds. The EP kicks off with 'Fire Burn' - a track focused on the struggles of growing up without a father. Fred harmonises his message with powerful lyrics over a subtle RnB influenced instrumental produced by AV.

Next up is 'Lonely' as Fred discusses the anguish of relationships and parenthood as he tackles the issue of young parenthood, asking if maybe, he was meant to be on this lonely road. 'Lonely' captures the essence of Fred's spoken word influences over a mellow bass induced instrumental as the EP picks up pace and guides you to the next part of Fred's journey.

Fred Fredas calls on Amia Brave on 'I'm Still' and Levi Nashana on 'Family' as he discusses family matters, documenting himself becoming an uncle and the struggles of raising children. 'Family' is a powerful story that defines the EP as a journey of struggle and dedication of a young musician growing up in London. 

Am I Allowed to Dream closes with 'I Pray' - a spiritual conversation with God as Fred lays down his heart on the line trying to understand why things are the way they are. An astute and observant storyteller, Fred Fredas captures the immediacy of grime with the undeniable sheen of modern Hip-Hop on Am I Allowed to Dream.

Listen to the EP below and Follow Fred Fredas on Twitter - Facebook - Soundcloud

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