#BlackoutEP : 7 Days. 2 Artists. 1 Producer

Triple threat Komenz, Melvillous and Happi embarked on a mission to produce an EP in just seven days. The extended play is a creative and powerful display of the vast talent possessed by the three musicians.

The EP kicks off with the self entitled 'Blackout' which tackles the struggles of a musician growing up in England. Touching on a range of issues, Happi and Melvillous skip over a melodic trap infused instrumental produced by Komenz as your head begins to bounce to Blackout.

'Runnin' is up next on Blackout EP as Komenz delivers another powerful instrumental as Melvillous and Happi discuss the tribulations of an artist such as dealing with record labels and explain to listeners why they'll keep running and running.

The EP continues to evolve sonically as 'Same G's' takes you on a  journey through the eyes of Melvillous. He vocalises why you can still find him with the same Gee's over Komenz' soothing production as this track showcases the relaxing synergy of the three artists involved. 

'Voices' bridges the EP with a deep conversation with fellow artist Eklipse as he explains his admiration of Melvillous, Komenz and Happi as human beings and as musicians. The interlude touches on the Gospel influences of the three artists as it leads you into the penultimate track entitled 'Walls'.

Walls blends slow delivery and poetic vocals over Komenz harmonic keys as the EP continues to stir your imagination. The track solidifies the passion behind Blackout EP, we feel it is this one as the mix of fresh production and contemporary lyrics captures your mind and stimulates your ears.

The triple threat Blackout EP ends on 'Scars' as Melvillous slowly articulates personal struggles over carefully constructed, warm acoustic instrumental as Happi brings to an end what is a very unique and creative project with calming vocals.

The Blackout EP mixes great production, captivating contemporary lyrics and harmonic melodies as Komenz, Melvillous and Happi give us a healthy dose of the talent they each posses.

Don't miss out and Check out the Blackout EP below! 

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