Kugali : Displaying the best African narratives

Discover culturally diverse Sci-Fi & fantasy with Kugali's online library. Curating the best books, games, movies, TV shows, comics from Africa, Asia and Australia.

Kugali is a platform to help people find and share the best African narratives. Curating games, movies, TV shows, comics and books, Kugali aim to do the hard work for you by scouring the internet, finding great stories and listing them across their extensive catalogue of titles.  

We spoke with Co-founder Fikayo Adeola about what can be expected from Kugali. He states that " We're aiming to release The Kugali Beta (prototype) by August where a select group of users will have early access to the platform. This will help us work out all of the bugs and create the best service for our users. You'll be able to browse through our titles, create lists, rate and review content and share with your friends. Of course there are other similar services but we thing that the important thing is that unlike websites like IMDb and Goodreads we will be giving the spotlight to creators of Africa descent. "

Together we stand. Divided we fall is the core philosophy behind Kugali with the aim of bringing the best titles across Africa and the African diaspora. "Instead of having to sift through the internet to find the best South African video games or Nigerian comics why not have everything in listed within a single directory?" -

Kugali aims to incorporate social value into all of the titles listed on the platform by allowing people to rate, review and share content. Fikayo explains how personal experience inspired the vision of Kugali. "Speaking from personal experience as an avid consumer of storytelling media (films, comics etc) I eventually grew tired of the mainstream narratives coming from hollywood and other central hubs.

The lack of representation of african narratives is clear to be see which is why Kugali can close the gap in the market. " I wanted to see stories that revolved around character from my home country Nigeria or at least characters of African decent. My co founders went through a similar process and the more we began to speak with other people the more we were convinced that lack of accessibility is a massive problem. Kugali is our attempt to address this."

The first 500 people to sign up at Kugali.com will gain early access to the platform and the possibility to win prizes. Sign up and discover culturally diverse Sci-fi and fantasy from the geek diaspora. Youc an also follow Kugali on Twitter and Facebook

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