#THELVLS - Gaming and Good times

It's time to up #THELVLS again - THE LVLS - A gathering of gamers and good times returns for another round after launching in January. The team are pleased to announce the sequel in April as another evening of retro gaming, good music and conversation beckons.

The LVLS is a fresh way to celebrate gaming and good times. It aims to merge the old' school with the new school. Whether it is gamers, hip-hop heads or general all round fun lovers, it is an event catered to the needs of young London. If you enjoy racing on Mario Kart with friends on Gamecube, then it is for you. If you enjoy button bashing on classic Street Fighter games, then is is also for you, or if you just enjoy good pizza, it is also for you. 


The night aims to immerse the gaming world into reality. Unfortunately the team exclaims that they can't provide you with the following : "dead music, expensive drinks, boring company, bougie twats and dress codes". However they are able to provide an open bar, good music, good conversation and ultimately good vibes. 

Organiser, Patrick Odai explains that his inspiration for #THELVLS started " with a group of friends, a small living room, drinks, pizza and a couple games of FIFA. Very normal scenes. I decided to move it out of my living room and in a bar when the living room became too small for a few more friends and the music got too loud for the neighbours. We love music, and we love games too so expect to play some legendary games from Def Jam Vendetta to Outrun 2. Come down for a very mellow Saturday night with good music & people plus its Free.99 so its a win."

So make sure to bring, good vibes, your friend who loves a music debate, and your own controller, as they do not want any excuses when you lose 10-0 on FIFA. 

#THELVLS002 will be held at The Hideaway, 114 Junction Road, London on Saturday, 30th April from 6pm till 2am. Don't miss out on a fresh new hub for the good timers.

RSVP for the event is available via EventBrite or you can find out more via the official website : www.thelvls.club or contact Patrick Odai directly via : patrick@thelvls.club

Game Over.

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