MungzMedia - 5 Artists to look out for in 2016!

As 2015 draws to a close, we decided to pick the five artists we felt had the potential to break 2016 and maximise their potential.  We looked closely at a range of artists who have released EPs, singles, had stage performances and overall made a mark across the year we feel showcased why they are on the road to success. After consideration with the team, these are the five artists we feel you should keep a close eye on in 2016 and why! In no particular order, So here goes..

Estee Blu- Singer/Songwriter

Social Media : @EsteeBlu
Location : London
Genre: R&B/Soul

Singer/Songwriter Estee Blu released her 3-track Acoustic Sessions EP during 2015 which proved to be a great body of work displaying Estee's natural soulful voice and captivating lyrics. Estee performed at the #MusicCube in Stratford Westfield and also featured on Reprezent Radio as she built up her profile in 2015. It really is hard not to love her music! It is also great to see British Soul beginning to slowly rise back to where it belongs and we expect 2016 to be a big year for Estee Blu so be sure to download her EP here and gear up for more souful sounds in 2016! Check out the visuals for 'could've been love' off of her debut EP Acoustic Sessions below. 

Supreme Ky - Rapper/Artist


Social Media : @_SupremeKy
Location : London
Genre: Hip-Hop/Grime

Rapper Supreme Ky released #TheDemo EP in 2015 which featured great tracks such as Fly Away Part 1 & 2 and Ill flows, showcasing Ky's diverse flows and lyrics with being able to switch from hip-hop to grime with relative ease. Supreme Ky featured on GRMDaily's 'That's a Wrap' show, performed at various events across London and won #GetDiscovered 2015 competition performing and wowing judges including Romeo and Lisa Maffia of So Solid Crew. It has been a strong 2015 for the South London artist but we expect 2016 to be even stronger with more projects and more success for Supreme Ky. Check out Supreme Ky's Grime freestyle below

Eklipse - Rapper/Artist

Social Media : @MrEklipse 
Location : London
Genre: Hip-Hop/Grime

E to the K that's me! Rapper Eklipse's 2015 was one we couldn't ignore. Releasing his anticipated #DarkMatters EP after a few teasers along the way, Eklipse showcased why lyrically he is not to be slept on and why sonically, his music is head and shoulders above many. Appealing to both male and female audiences, the rapper blends many elements of R&B in his sound with very catchy hooks. Also dropping unique and amazing visuals for his singles Are you really Ready and Jaw dance, it is hard not to expect big thing from Eklipse in 2016. Featuring on radio sets across London, including Dejavu Fm, Radar Radio and Mode FM and performing at various events across the capital, Eklipse will aim to take 2016 by storm and solidify why he is more than just your average MC. Check out the visuals for Are you really Ready? below

Dej The Ego -Rapper/Songwriter

Social Media : @Deji_Vu 
Location : London
Genre: Hip-Hop/R&B/Soul

Dej The Ego announced himself on the scene in 2015 with 'Rhetorical' premiered by Complex UK. The rapper showing why he plans to bring a new unique sound to the UK. Dej followed up with the release of his self produced 'Bad Singing, Good Rapping' EP also premiered by Complex which blends autotuned 'bad' singing with good rapping from the London artist. The EP proved to be a great success earning Dej recognition for his style and left those interested, like us, wanting more. 2016 should be the year the talented Dej the Ego, who song writes, raps, produces and masters his own projects stamps his sound on the scene. Check out his EP below.

Kai Jones - Rapper/Artist

Social Media : @KaiJonesMusic_
Location : London
Genre: Hip-Hop/Neo-Soul/Grime

Artist Kai Jones has been quietly and confidently making a name for herself during 2015. Releasing 'This is not a Mixtape' in October, it was strength to strength for the young south Londoner who featured on Climax Radio and Reprezent Radio as her buzz circulated and fanbase grew. Jones' sound wouldn't be out of place amongst Hip-Hop from the states but it is 100% organic British music. In the mould of a young Estelle. We feel 2016 will elevate the sounds of Kai Jones which are proving to be a refreshing addition to the neo-sounds of young London. Check out #TINAM below

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