Creative Conversations : Erina Nyonyintono, Artist

Creative Conversations is a new feature series focused on shining a light on creatives behind the radar. We aim to have 'creative conversations' with some of the most innovative creatives in the world today. Next up on the series is 25 year old Painter, Erina Nyonyintono from Reading.

What inspired you most to become an Artist?

I have always had a creative nature which started as a child.  My Dad was an architect so I would see him drawing by hand long before the days of CAD (Computer Aided Design) and my siblings and we would often spend hours drawing and colouring in to entertain ourselves.  I'm quite old fashioned and prefer to work away from computer screens, I tend to just zone out with my music playing and paint.

Since your time creating, What is the best and worst thing about being an artist?

The best thing has got to be creative freedom, in art there are no right or wrongs. It's just a matter of putting pen to paper and converting the colours and ideas you have in your mind into something physical.  The worst thing is probably creative block when you're lost in where the piece is going, at which point I just have to leave it completely and go and make myself some tea lol. I just have faith that it will come together in the end and keep at it.

Where or how do you find inspiration for your work, Is there a process you go through?

First and foremost I would say that I'm most heavily inspired by nature and the seasons. I'm originally a country girl so I love being out and about when it isn't freezing cold :o/.  Then whilst at work I spend a lot of time looking at design blogs such as designboom, design taxi and creativebloq, in addition to browsing other artists social media pages, illustrators and graffiti artists. And finally from time to time i'll check out art exhibitions of interest that are on.  

Alot of painters, illustrators, creators, don't get enough credit for their hard-work, do you agree and why?

I'd say that this is 50:50.  A lot of people I come across appreciate art and the time it takes but I would say that it's a little frustrating when others say "I wish i was born with a talent, you're so lucky".  Personally I don't see myself as lucky or born with a gift at all.  Just like anyone with a hobby, I spend countless hours that people don't see behind closed doors practicing - when others choose to watch television or pursue their different interests. 

Give us one interesting fact about yourself away from art?

I've been learning Spanish since late 2014 with the intent to travel around Central America and improve my language skills further in 2017.

What is your favourite painting from a purely creative point of view and why?

I can't say that I have a specific favourite painting. But I love artists such as Degas, Voka, Jackson Pollock and Van Gogh. 

What advice do you have for young artists like yourself growing up in 2016?

Don't stop creating and don't create art to try and please people - do it for yourself.  A lot of what you create you may consider trash at the time, but keep at it because when you look back over the months you will be able to appreciate your growth and development even if you may not see it in the current moment!

And finally, What does the future hold for yourself?

As of April I've gone part time at my current job as a Graphic Designer so that I have more time to pursue my art goals, that said I would love to be a full time artist by this time next year!  I'm hoping to take part in another exhibition within London before 2016 ends. Furthermore, I've also got my sights set on getting my artwork onto restaurant walls and/or bars, hopefully with it ending up in chain along the lines of Chimichanga etc.

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