Creative Conversations : Mathew Vieira, Artist

Creative Conversations is a new feature series focused on shining a light on creatives under the radar. We aim to have 'creative conversations' with some of the most innovative creatives in the world today. Next up on the series is Artist Mathew Vieira from West Sussex.

What inspired you most to become an Artist?

Simply the pure joy I would receiving from drawing and painting. When I was younger, I loved cartoons as much as any other kid and I would constantly practice drawing my favourite characters. 

Everyone is different, so How would you describe your artistic style ?

My style seems to develop with every painting, there are a few consistent traits which can be seen in each portrait such as bold brush marks, visible under layers and construction lines. Some people have suggested an urban, cubism, realism mixture which I can kind of agree with. I like to try new things with each piece of work and see what happens. Right now I’m enjoying the palette knife and applying thick paint.

Since your time creating, What has been the best and worst thing about it?

The best thing is the excitement of starting a new painting, there’s nothing like staring at a blank canvas and pouring out your images which fly around in your mind. The worst is when you hit a block, it feels like nothing you do is working and you are a terrible artist, doubt likes to say hello, but the beauty of this is that if you continue you will persevere and find your rhythm again.

Where or how do you find inspiration for your work, Is there a process you go through beforehand?

I tend to paint portraits of the people who inspire me, I appreciate the hard work and dedication these people have given to their respected profession and I apply this to my work. Following artists whose work you enjoy is always a great source of inspiration and also just talking to people, gathering stories.

There is a stigma that designers, animators, painters, illustrators, creators, don't get enough credit for their craft and are sometimes 'forgotten' about? do you agree and why?

I do think that the arts can be very undervalued and almost dismissed in some cases. A lot of people don’t understand the time and effort artists put into their work, all they see is the end result and a “big” price tag but when you learn that something has taken years of practice and weeks or even months to create it all becomes a bit more clear.

Give us one interesting fact about yourself away from your profession, You've created paintings of Skepta and Wretch 32, are you a big music man?

Yes definitely, I love to listen to music whilst I paint and artists such as skepta, wretch 32, Wiley and a whole host of others have helped me develop my work through their music. Growing up in London the whole Grime scene was and still is a major part of London’s culture, and something that many people can familiarise with.

Another fun fact is that I have a metal pole in my left leg! I broke my leg in 2013 after being hit by a motorcycle and a day has gone by since where I am not thankful for the life I have and the people in it. This incident gave me a real reality check and made me think about my priorities in life. I am now happy to say that I have my daughter, my
fiancée and my home.


What is your favourite Painting or Illustration from a purely creative point of view you've come across and why?

There have been so many incredible portrait artists, Lucien Freud, Rembrandt, Euan Uglow and many more, but what really gets me motivated and has captured my imagination are the portraits of some contemporary artists such as Andrew Salgado, Tim Okamura, Colin Davidson, Aaron Nagel etc. The work these artists are creating are fresh and so bold and in tune with today’s world. If I had to pick one painting it would have to be “reflection” by Lucian Freud, this has always been a painting that I constantly go back to for inspiration.

What advice do you have for young illustrators and Artists growing up today?

Keep working, never stop. Sometimes it may seem that you are getting nowhere with your artwork, but you never know who is watching. Get your work out there, show the world, it would be a waste to have all your work hidden.

If you could pick one iconic Art or illustration from Sport, music, movies or TV you wish you created yourself, which one would it be?

I wish I had created the original star wars movie posters, they are just legendary.

And finally, What have you got planned for the future?

From the 1-3 July 2016 I will be at the Childwickbury Arts Festival with Kraken Creative doing some live painting with an incredible group of artists. Also keep an eye out for my series of digital portraits for the Euros this summer.

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