Creative Conversations : Anjelica Roselyn, Illustrator

Creative Conversations is a new feature series focused on shining a light on creatives under the radar. We aim to have 'creative conversations' with some of the most innovative creatives in the world today. Next up on the series is Womenswear Illustrator, Anjelica Roselyn from London.

What inspired you most to become an Illustrator and designer?

It’s something I have always loved doing and have been involved with illustrating or designing for as along as can remember. After graduating in Womenswear from London College of Fashion I took time to pursue illustration a little more.

Since your time creating, What is the best and worst thing about designing?

The best thing is just doing what you love and doing what comes naturally to you. On top of that, sharing your work and getting a great response is awesome. The worst thing has to be running out of inspiration at any time. If you’re not inspired there is nothing to create.

Where or how do you find inspiration for your illustrations, Is there a process you go through? 

Yes imagery is everything to me. There isn't a strict process I go through but magazines, editorials, Tumblr, Instagram, are all part of my process. Of all that I especially love looking at fashion photography, editorials or campaigns for inspiration. I usually look for an image or story has a particular energy that I can connect with.

There is a stigma that painters, illustrators, creators, don't get enough credit for their hard-work and are often marginalised, do you agree and why?

For sure, there’s two sides to the creative industry - those who create and understand that process and those who try to exploit you for it. I think from all levels of being an artist, you will experience people who are overly enthusiastic about your creative work but never wish to appropriately pay or compensate you. I think this is where creatives have to band together to demand respect which in my opinion, is severely lacking in this industry.

Fashion plays a big role in your life, how has that driven your passion for art and illustration?

Fashion has been part of my life for so long I don’t remember being without it or not interested in it. My interpretation of fashion so far is something very feminine and fun and I think that is portrayed through my illustrations. I don’t take fashion so seriously to the point where I let it govern how I work or the style of my work. In my opinion it should be a positive experience and I try to go with that premise. 

What is your favourite illustration from a purely creative point of view and why?

I love anything with colour with oil pastel or texture. There's a sitting series I did a few months ago of Jean Campbell that I adore. 

What advice do you have for young designers and illustrators like yourself growing up in 2016?

Just keep going! Keep looking for inspiration and continue growing. With anything in the art industry, the key is being yourself and having a distinct style. If you don’t have it yet, try to discover it through experimentation - there’s something unique to everyone’s art.

And finally, What has Anjelica got planned for the future?

Too many things to tell at the moment! Mainly, I look forward to growing as an artist.

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