Creative Conversations : Leopold Albert, Photographer

Creative Conversations is a new feature series focused on shining a light on creatives behind the radar. We aim to have 'creative conversations' with some of the most innovative creatives in the world today. Next up on the series is 24 year old Photographer, Leopold Albert from Essex.

What inspired you most to do photography?

For me it came about because I wanted to try and create a vision for my brand. When you don't have photographers at hand you have to get to grips with your project and try new things. I researched other photographers to see what styles I like then tried to replicate it. I know it sounds bad but that's how you have to try and approach these things because during that process you will develop your own style without even knowing. I want to capture a moment and share it with people or take a set of photos for people to get the feel of whats going on.

You have started GRLSa platform celebrating creative women, what has that been like? 

To be honest, very up and down. I feel the idea is good just needs some refining which I'm working on but I still see a lot of potential in it. When I first came up with the idea there wasn't much around but now you have the likes of the Cream Soda Girls, Public Ambition and High Content doing similar things. I don't see it as competition but a realisation that there are others on the same wavelength and it just makes creating content more interesting. It has defiantly helped me to improve my photography because by shooting regularly, you know what to improve on every time.

Since you've started doing photography. What has been the best and worst thing?

Best thing so far is that you meet loads of good people and the only bad thing I can say is weather and location can mess it up for you.

Where or how do you find inspiration for your work, Is there a process you go through? 

For me everyday without fail since maybe when I started University. I have always checked a blog whether its Hyperbeast or Highsnobiety, I have been looking at images everyday so it kind of builds a framework in my mind. I have a folder that I just drag and drop inspiration into and I check that often too. When it comes down to a shoot I normally create a smaller folder with more concentrated images or a mood-board because sometimes, flicking through photos, you can forget so when it's in a mood-board, you get a general feel and work from that

How would you describe your photography style? 

I try to make my subject look real as possible because its very easy now in our culture to slap a filter on and say your a photographer. If I have to edit, I want people to understand why and see I'm trying to give them a package or a feeling. Film is also something that I'm picking up now because I know if I can grasp that then when I take photos digitally, it will make me better because I have gone back to the basics of it. 

You have a passion for music and fashion, how has that helped in photography?

Music is always good because if your on a shoot with a nervous model, then they can be a lot easier to work with if you play things they like and it creates a mood. Fashion mainly helps with composition of my photos and how the overall look should be and I feel that's very important.

Alot of photographers, designers, illustrators, don't get enough credit, do you agree and why?

I feel that's an issue with a lot of things but in terms of photography right now in London it's getting a lot of credit. Vicky Grout and Ashley Verse have been putting in work over the past year or so and they are on to big things. Also my guys at High Roller who have helped me out with my brand and GRLS are onto some good things too. Maybe bigger companies don't look at what we are trying to do but eventually I feel the credit will come. 

What advice do you have for young photographers growing up in 2016?

I'm gonna list it because I can't say it in a paragraph but here goes:

Intern till you can't intern no more.

Try and shoot something everyday

Don't blame your equipment ( people are shooting a madness on iphones )

Study the craft and research

What have you got planned for the future?

This year I want to push GRLS more. I have been talking about doing an exhibition or show of some sort for ages so maybe looking to get that idea down. Obviously new clothes from Leopold Albert and an even bigger push in that because that is what got me into doing all these other things.

And finally, Give us one interesting fact about yourself away from your profession?

I challenge anyone to try and beat me at NBA 2k15/16 - apart from that, everything I do nowadays is linked to my profession. 

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