Fred Fredas : Reflection Is An Important Thing


Writing a new song can take a toll on any musician. Whether that’s because they need to put themselves in an ideal space, be ready to be vulnerable. Or will themselves to put in enough energy in creating their next masterpiece. It’s something that takes true dedication and for Fred Fredas, a process that has become quite matured and unique. And as we talk one day outside the National Theatre, he tells me how he does it.

“It starts off with a set of thoughts, which are based on feelings. From there I make a concept about that and slowly the message starts to form.” Fred has grown from his previous writing method, stopping the thought that he had to ‘feel’ like writing. That pressure to always be in the right moment was stifling his work so when the revelation came that, you could always create that moment yourself, he hasn’t looked back since. “Just shut down everything and focus.” He tells me with all sincerity. A mantra that I'm sure he’s been using since he started releasing music two years ago. Since then its been a rollercoaster-type of journey that he couldn’t have even expected. With many milestones already hit, like performing at iluvlive, Roundhouse Rising Festival, supporting Chip in his February show and throwing his own headline show. He has been doing pretty well and when Fred takes a minute to think back over his journey, he surprises himself.

Sometimes you forget how far you’ve come when you’re just constantly working. It keeps you focused on what you’ve got yet to do, but it’s nice to look back and say wow. I’ve actually achieved a lot.
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“Sometimes you forget how far you’ve come when you’re just constantly working. It keeps you focused on what you’ve got yet to do, but it’s nice to look back and say wow. I’ve actually achieved a lot.” Said with all humility, Fred really is a nice and warm character to be around. He gives off a cool aura, but when we delve more into his music and business, the serious side to him comes out. When you are up and coming in any aspect, money needs to be spent before money can be made.

There is no difference in the music game. In fact, before we met up for this interview Fred had just finished work. Just one of the many sacrifices that he makes so he can make his dream a reality. “Its hard to find a balance sometimes, especially in the beginning stages. You know you need the money to pay for studio, shows, marketing and other things like that. But you also need the time to write, record and rehearse. Its tough sometimes.” Finding a balance between funding yourself and chasing your dreams is a task that we all need to do. But for Fred, he’s approached it with forward thinking and a proactive attitude.


Time is money and money is time, neither of which Fred is keen on losing. And as a rising artist, he utilises both privileges to establish his value. Something he says is primarily in the content of his music. “I generally rap about the things I'm going through. My life as it honestly is. But sometimes I like to give the people something to think about.” For example, in single ‘Addiction’, he writes that everyone has a vice. All in different forms and some hiding it better than others. The lyrics pointing towards a message that we all go through similar things and have similar coping mechanisms. A strong message that was taken in by an enthusiastic crowd at his P.A.U show last June.

When I ask him what advice he has for others coming up as well, he offered up a genuine list of things he has learnt. “Practise a lot. Perform a lot. Make a lot of mistakes. Get as much material out as you can, this will help you find your sound. And collaborate.” Fred sees collaboration as necessary, because two different minds coming together always results in better music. Something he tells me has been explored well in his upcoming EP ‘In The Search For Love’ due for release in a couple of days. The project confronts his understanding of love, taking us on a journey of experiences and different perspectives.

Taking time to reflect is always important. And as the sun was setting and we rounded up our discussion, I could see this determination in his eyes. “I’m all about progression in this game, moving to the next step. It may take time and a lot of hard work, but I'm still going to keep moving forward.” He says, again acknowledging how far he has come. And with the focus to increase his work ethic, a good foundation, his 3rd project on its way out and live shows in the pipeline. There is no sign of slowing down.

Feature by Hannah Olarewaju