Slowthai sets Boiler Room alight at Appelsap

WhatsApp Image 2018-08-11 at 22.07.36.jpeg

Every August, Appelsap brings the sauce to Flevopark, Amsterdam with home-grown Dutch talent mixing with established International acts including in the past, Kendrick Lamar, Skepta and some of the best DJs in Europe. So when Appelsap announced 2018's line up with some heavy htiting names, we decided we should pick the five artists we recommend you do NOT miss at this years festival!

Energy, energy and more energy! Appelsap 2018 proved to be a well organised showcase of mordern dutch and international hip-hop. So many amazing artists blessed the three different stages across the day but we followed Slowthai on his journey in Amsterdam, as he sought to affirm why firstly, there is nothing great about Britiain and two, why he's one of the best emerging artists worldwide.

As the headline artists for the Boiler Room stage, Slowthai entered to a chorus of cheers as he ignited the crowd with North Nights - followed by a storm of his hits including RIP and IDGAF.

Performing an exclusive track in 'Drug Dealer' which is scheduled on his following project, the single is a warp into the essence of T n Biscuits with the infamous bar 'Drug Dealer', now the centre of a track. The single is mixed with the fact paced 'Round and Round' energy. But it was as thought, T n Biscuits which led crowd rocking into endless mosh pits and shouting matches as Slowthai began to turn the temperature up at Appelsap. Instructed to form parting on stage, even those on the ground felt first hand the beauty of a Slowthai show as he jumped into the adoring crowd.

As performances go, this one was full of stage presence, unlimited energy and undisputed fun as Slowthai continues his rockstar living with the rest of us waiting on his forthcoming project, 'Nothing Great About Britain'.

Check out footage from Appelsap below