Meet Jayla Darden, a soul songstress full of vibes and talent.



Jayla Darden

Full of vibes and full of talent, we spoke to R&B, Soul songstress Jayla Darden about her journey into music, her creative process and what makes her blossom. Jayla, 19 is originally from Detroit but calls Atlanta her 'second home'. When I first encountered Jayla, it was through trusted R&B plugs, Renasonce* sharing her music and I was mesmerised instantly to see so much effortless talent. 

Jayla's release on Soundcloud 'Think About Us' catapulted her to new audiences with her expressing nonchalant vocals with an ice cool vibe of confidence. It was until three months ago when Jayla released a track titled 'Idea 378', produced by herself when I realised, she is the real deal. 'Idea 422' is traditional R&B, soul, trap and gospel mixed into one modern twist. And It works. 

Jayla, you come across as a really passionate artist, what was your journey into music? I've been singing all of my life. From the church choir to the choir in school. I didn't always want to pursue a music career but I slowly started to gravitate toward instruments teaching myself guitar and piano and music kind of took over my life.

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You produce and vocal your own music, tell us more about that process and when you started producing? Being in chorus in middle and high school taught me music theory and teaching myself to play songs on the piano eventually led to me creating my own ballads on my keyboard. From there I started to make beats on the GarageBand app and later going to SAE institute of Atlanta for my engineering degree which is when I switched from a PC to a MacBook and picked up other DAW's. I'm now using Ableton.

From releasing 'Think About us' till now, which captured so many ears, what has the response and progression in your career been like, and did you expect it? Since the release of "Think About Us" I would say I'm more shocked at my own personal growth and what I've been capable to create on my own. I wondered what I was going to do next to be better because people took so well to Think About Us and now looking back I've grown so far past that in only a year I know that Think About Us was only the beginning." she explains.

It was intriguing to think, at such a young age, being so level headed and being goal orientated. When asked, how she would explain her sound to a new listener in London, Jayla explained simply, I would describe my sound as mellow R&B with relatable lyrics and cool drums.' - But her music tends to sit within so many sounds, but the styles of music which influenced Jayla growing up and her up-bringing helps to explain the humility and dedication. 

"My mom cut off secular music for me from around ages 6-11 but I do remember a lot of Destiny's Child before being cut off (laughs). When I got old enough to discover my own music I gravitated towards 90's and 2000's R&B. My older brother played a lot of rap in his car during my middle school years and he drove me everywhere so that influenced me as well."

So what are Jayla's plans for the rest of the year? what can we expect? "The rest of this year is for sure full of new vibes!she concludes and you can totally understand why when you listen to her music.

Keep an eye on Jayla Darden, she is one for the future.