Careers Advice : Job Applications

When applying for roles in the creative industries, it can be a frustrating series of no replies but one of the ways to make your application stand out is to make your CV different from the other A4 Word Documents employers are receiving!

How you present your achievements, experiences and skills has changed in the creative industry, with many people using more eye catching layouts!

Here are some great examples of way to make your application stand out to get your creative juices flowing:


CV’s are evolving and one of the best ways to make your application stand out to employers is to include images and infographic of your work. You can create CVs through Photoshop and include images or graphics detailing your previous work. The reader is able to visualise your skills and achievements and it also showcases your Photoshop skills. This type of layout is great when applying for design and digital media roles.

Social Media Template

If you want to be creative and grab the attention of your future employer, creating a CV in a form of a Facebook timeline or social media feed is a great way to make your application stand out. It also shows that you understand the layout of various social media accounts and how they work. Facebook timelines allow you to list your work experiences and skills in the same chronological oder as the website. This could be useful when applying for many digital or creative industry roles.

Video CV/Cover Letter

Video CV’s and cover letters are a great tool when applying for a role in presenting, media, and other creative professions. A video CV allows you to give greater insight into who you are, what skills you possess and what you can offer in future to any potential employers and is far easier for someone to digest. However, do not just read off your CV, make it personal and interesting. You could also include video content of your previous work.

Google Analytics

Google is a tool used by millions every day, and has become a great platform to advertise employability. Google Ads, Google Search and Google Analytics have all been used as formats for CV’s. Great for marketing, social media and technology roles, you can create a CV that looks like a Google Analytics or Google Search page.

Google Analytics is a tool used in many creative industry roles and this can be a unique tool when applying for marketing or digital roles, to illustrate your digital marketing understanding, your graphic design and analytical skills to potential employers.


A portfolio is a collection that showcases your creativity and achievements. Many writers, designers, musicians and photographers have online portfolios. Portfolios allow you to include and showcase physical work (photos, articles) and digital work (videos, animations and graphics).

Creating an online portfolio which includes your most exciting work let’s employers see what you are capable of!  You can always include a link to your portfolio in your traditional CV.

There are lots of other exciting and creative ways to display your CV. People have done everything from Spotify Playlist Cover Letters to a short film based on their CV to a sonnet! Think outside the box but always make sure the format is relevant to the role you are going for!