Careers Advice : URL Shortening links

URL Shortening tools cut down your website links to save you characters and helps you get straight to the point without clogging up the reader’s screen with a long http link. Here’s our pick of free URL shortening tools to help you utilize your links online. is one of the best known shortening tools on the internet. allows you to shorten a URL address and track the links you’ve posted and find out which links are the most popular. This is a great way to find out what content people are reading!

If you sign up for Bit.Ly, you are able to view statistics for your links as well as being able to check statistics of any URL used on Bit.Ly. One of the best features of is that it features a private mode so that your links can’t be viewed by anyone.

Tiny URL

TinyURL is a unique URL tool that not only allows you to shorten URL links but also allows you to create your own custom URLs. How cool is that!?

You can create a URL that links to your domain name, brand as well as end in characters of your own choice. If you regularly post on social media, this is a great tool to add a personal touch to all your links but be warned, many people use TinyURL everyday so your word may already be in use. is Google’s own link shortening tool and is linked to your Google account. Every link you create on is automatically added to your account where you can track them at any time. The service provides analytics of your links but statistics of your links can be viewed by anyone. You can see all the links you have used in your dashboard and avoid any repetitions of links. is a simple system that can be used by anyone for effective link shortening. is another great URL shortening tool provided by Hootsuite which offers real time analytics for your links. It also allows sharing but also gives you advice on the best times to post a link to get the best out of your content. Handy right?

Unlike other URL shortening tools, even lets you upload photos and turn them into shortened links to share on social media. is a great tool to use as it is tied in with Hootsuite, you are able to schedule tweets, manage your twitter accounts, shorten links and track statistics of your content all in one place.